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The value of independence

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Authentication/Classification Services

MLCSL is the only independent provider of abattoir authentication/classification services to the British processing industry, linked to the deadweight sale of cattle, sheep and pigs. Here you will also find the abattoir directory, providing contact details of the only abattoirs that our staff provide an independent authentication service to across Great Britain


MLCSL provides practical training for UK livestock producers in the selection of live animals to meet buyer requirements and also to those working in an abattoir who need to develop carcase assessment/classification skills.

Industry Services

Based on its long experience in providing nationwide services to the meat and livestock industry MLCSL also continues to provide as required, specialist services to both the government (through an Agency Services team) and also to sectors of the meat and livestock supply chain.


MLCSL offers a range of equipment to the slaughtering and meat processing industry, related to the provision of authentication/classification services, ranging from labels and tags to fat depth measuring and stunner monitoring instruments